Spiritual Warfare: The Biblical Truth


Jan 8 & 15

Spiritual Warfare: The Biblical Truth
is an ONGROUND ONLY MINI course held at the Messianic Studies Institute (4950 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230) from 7:00–9:30pm TWO WEDNESDAYS: Jan 8 & 15

Course Description:
Is spiritual warfare going on behind the scenes in an "unseen realm" like was portrayed in the first Matrix movie? Where do we get our information about it? You may be surprised to learn that much of what is taken for granted in pop culture about spiritual warfare is actually a mixture of legend, superstition, folklore, imaginative theological literature, medieval art, and a veneer of Biblical truth. That said, the Matrix was onto something quite real!

This mini course offers a concise summary of what the Scriptures actually progressively reveal, from Genesis to Revelation, about this important reality. We will have a close look at what the Bible teaches about 'chaos', how God rules the universe (and who is allowed to participate in that rule), the serpent of Genesis 3, the adversary of God known as "HaSatan", the domain of darkness, and how to strategically and effectively engage in spiritual warfare according to the Scriptures' own teaching. We will also catch a glimpse of an original "Screwtape Letters" known as the "Testament of Solomon"

Course Dates:
Jan 8 & 15
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Henri Louis Goulet
Henri Louis Goulet

Henri’s primary interests include the Biblical languages (specializing in Biblical Greek), the study of the New Covenant Scriptures from the "Within Second Temple Judaism Perspective", hermeneutics, the Jewish-Greco-Roman milieu of the New Covenant Scriptures, Paul's theologizing, the kingship of God, ancient rhetoric, conceptual metaphor, and the Jewish Pseudepigrapha. He is a member of the SBL and has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Biblical Greek and NT at Ashland Seminary. Henri currently serves as the Executive Director and Academic Dean of MSI, as well as the Education Coordinator of Beth Messiah Congregation.

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