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OT Wisdom for the 21st Century is a LIVE ONLINE Term 2 Session 2 (8:30–9:45pm) course held virtually on Zoom starting on 12/07/2020.

Course Description:

Discover 21st century ways that the OT helps us to make wise decisions in the age of untruth, disinformation, opinion, technology, and confused morals and ethics. Our world’s educational currency can be described principally as 'knowledge', while practical Biblical wisdom has for the most part been forgotten, devalued, or dismissed. This course will explore the world of Biblical wisdom as found in the Tanakh (Torah, Prophets, & Writings) — where the search for wisdom is compared to a search for silver and gold, or treasure. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a wealth of examples that display either walking in wisdom or speculation. We will examine several current events news stories that illustrate either walking in wisdom or personal opinion. Come discover how we can apply Biblical wisdom to the pressing needs of our society!



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12/07 12/14 12/21 01/11 01/18 01/25

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Peter Knehans
Peter Knehans

Peter’s primary interests include the Hebrew language and Scriptures, apologetics, hermeneutics, interfaith dialogue, the Jewishness of the New Covenant Scriptures, and the Jewish heritage and essence of the faith. He has been profoundly captivated and impacted in particular by the divine presence of God from the perspective of the Tanakh, and its importance for the New Covenant Scriptures. He has served as a Minister (Illinois and Ohio), a Chaplain (San Antonio, TX), and a Student Director for Resort Ministries in four National Parks.

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