Understanding the Book of Leviticus & Its Relevance Now



02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21
Understanding the Book of Leviticus & Its Relevance Now is a LIVE ONLINE Term 3 course on Mondays from 8:30–9:45pm EST held virtually on Zoom starting on 02/14/2022. Once you register for this course, log into your MSI account, choose this course in 'My Courses', and you will find the Zoom link in the Course Contents along with all the course materials as they are shared.

Course Description:
The concept of holiness enfleshed in a set of values is the chief concern and at the very center of Leviticus (Vayikra). The LORD Himself declared, “I am the LORD your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy; for I am holy” (Lev 11:44; 19:2; 20:7; 21:8; 22:32). Jacob Milgrom succinctly defines the concept of holiness as follows: “Holiness is a positive concept, an inspiration and a goal associated with God’s nature and his desire for humanity. ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.’ That which humanity is not, nor can ever fully be, but that which humanity is commanded to emulate , imitate, and approximate, is what the Bible calls qadosh or ‘holy’. Holiness means imitatio dei—the life of godliness (Leviticus 1–16, p. 730).”

In this course we will examine the text of Leviticus and its sometimes differing application in the lives of Jews and Gentiles, with particular emphasis on the chief ethic of Leviticus (and the entire Bible for that matter) as expressed in Leviticus 19 and restated in passages such as Mark 12:28–34 and Romans 13:8–10). From holy rituals in which values are ensconced (i.e., established in the fabric of our being), to the chief summational ethic of ‘loving one’s neighbor as oneself’, come discover all the facets of wholehearted daily sanctified (i.e., holy) living.

This MSI LIVE ONLINE course meets LIVE via Zoom on six Mondays 02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21 but the LIVE ONLINE sessions for this course will be recorded and available to revisit whenever you desire. The videos will be uploaded as soon as possible after the LIVE ONLINE sessions in the Course Contents. We encourage you to follow the schedule closely and plan ahead to be with us for these LIVE courses so you can get the most out of lifelong learning with MSI. While not ideal, you may also register for this course if you cannot attend the live sessions and engage the videos at your own pace.



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Course Dates:
02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21

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Peter Knehans
Peter Knehans

Peter’s primary interests include the Hebrew language and Scriptures, apologetics, hermeneutics, interfaith dialogue, the Jewishness of the New Covenant Scriptures, and the Jewish heritage and essence of the faith. He has been profoundly captivated and impacted in particular by the divine presence of God from the perspective of the Tanakh, and its importance for the New Covenant Scriptures. He has served as a Minister (Illinois and Ohio), a Chaplain (San Antonio, TX), and a Student Director for Resort Ministries in four National Parks.

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