The "I am" Sayings of Yeshua in John: Ultimate Answers to Humanity's Needs


Feb 11, 18, 25 & Mar 4, 11, 18

The "I am" Sayings of Yeshua in John: Ultimate Answers to Humanity's Needs is an ONGROUND ONLY Term 3 Session 2 (8:30–9:45pm) course held at the Messianic Studies Institute (4950 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230) starting 02/11/2019.

Course Description:
The Gospel of John is unique in its revelation of Yeshua as the “I Am”, disclosed in over seven clusters within its pages. John presents Yeshua to his audience as the consummate fulfillment of all of life’s needs and demands in such vivid descriptions of the “I Am” as “I am the bread of life"; "I am the light of the world"; "I am the Good Shepherd"; "I am the Resurrection and the Life"; I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life"; "I am the true vine"; and others. An examination of each of these “I Am” passages within its context will reveal how and why Yeshua is the ultimate answer to all of humanity’s needs and aspirations.



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Feb 11, 18, 25 & Mar 4, 11, 18

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Peter Knehans
Peter Knehans

Peter’s primary interests include the Hebrew language and Scriptures, apologetics, hermeneutics, interfaith dialogue, the Jewishness of the New Covenant Scriptures, and the Jewish heritage and essence of the faith. He has been profoundly captivated and impacted in particular by the divine presence of God from the perspective of the Tanakh, and its importance for the New Covenant Scriptures. He has served as a Minister (Illinois and Ohio), a Chaplain (San Antonio, TX), and a Student Director for Resort Ministries in four National Parks.

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