Hearing Romans Afresh from Paul’s Jewish Perspective as Apostle to the Nations


May 3, 4, & 5

Hearing Romans Afresh from Paul’s Jewish Perspective as Apostle to the Nations is an Onground Only Term 4 Weekend Event held at the Messianic Studies Institute (4950 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230) starting 5/3/2019 at 7:00pm.

Event Description:

Where else can you get this kind of teaching at this price? We have a frontrunner in the field of Biblical Studies from Moody Seminary, Dr. Joseph Brian Tucker, who will engage us in a deep dive into the world of Paul and the Book of Romans.

Trying to figure out the Apostle Paul is not that easy! Peter himself once admitted that there were some things in Paul's letters that were difficult to understand (2 Peter 3:16). And it has rightly been said that anyone who claims to understand Romans fully is, almost by definition, mistaken! So here's a mini course on Romans worth giving up your whole weekend for! You'll walk away wondering: "Wow! Why hasn't anybody shared these keys to the book with us before"? First we will get to meet the Apostle Paul afresh as the 'Jewish' Apostle to the nations, which will be a surprise to the many who think that his own Jewish identity had ended in Messiah. Then, we will take that deep dive into the Book of Romans and learn everything from what the good news "to the Jew first" in Romans 1 means and why it matters, to what calling Abraham our 'father' is all about in Romans 4, to what in the world we should make of the 'Law' when it comes to Jews and Gentiles in Messiah, to what is going on with the Olive Tree metaphor in Romans 11, to who the weak and the strong are in Romans 15, to how Jews and Gentiles welcoming each other in Messiah brings glory to God!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to finally understand Romans as Paul meant Gentiles to understand it and live it out!

Friday 7:00–8:30pm Session 1: Overview of the Weekend: Prepare to have your understanding transformed as we examine the first century context of the identity forming letter to the Romans and learn about Paul as the Jewish Apostle to the nations.

Friday 8:30–9:30pm Meet and Greet with Book Signing

Saturday 10:30am Worship Service Sermon Session 2: To the Jew First: What does it mean that the Good News is "to the Jew first"? We will see that it has to do with the faithfulness of God to His people Israel on behalf of all nations!

Saturday 2:00–3:30pm Session 3: The Fatherhood of Abraham: Find out how the fatherhood of Abraham shapes the identity of Gentiles in Messiah without Israel losing its founding father. Then, discover whether Israel has lost its land promise in Messiah!

Saturday 3:45–4:45pm Session 4: The Validity of the Law & Messiah's Fulfillment of Torah: Is the Law still valid, and if so for who? I thought Messiah fulfilled the Law? Oh, but how He filled full Torah! So, is He the 'end' of the Law? Come and study how the Law functions in the sphere of Messiah, the Spirit, and faith—just like it was intended to before it was co-opted by sin, death, and the flesh.

Saturday 5:00–6:30pm Session 5: Did Jewish covenantal identity continue after Messiah came? Do Gentiles take over Israel's promises in Messiah? What was Paul's understanding of Jews and Gentiles in Messiah? You will truly appreciate Dr. Tucker's insights into Paul's Olive Tree metaphor and 'remnant' theology in Romans 9–11.

Sunday 10:00–11:00am Session 6: The Weak & the Strong in Romans: Who are the 'weak' and the 'strong' in Romans 14–15? How do the strong bear the weaknesses of those who are not strong? We will see here how Paul championed both Jewish and Gentile in-Messiah identities and required a total welcoming of one another that included mutual recognition and respect for their differences.

Sunday 11:15–12:15 Session 7: How the Mutual Welcoming of Jews & Gentiles in Messiah is for the Glory of God! The symposium will close with a discussion of "doxological social identity": how the mutual welcoming of Jews and Gentiles in Messiah is all for the 'glory' (doxa) of God! It is here that the Romans learn that their identity is all about life together in the Kingdom of God: "For the Kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and shalom and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom 14:17). Dr. Tucker will then share concluding remarks about this year's insightful symposium.

Course Dates:
May 3, 4, & 5

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J. Brian Tucker
J. Brian Tucker

Brian (PhD University of Wales) is Professor of NT at Moody Theological Seminary. His primary studies have been on social identity and how it relates to our relationship with Messiah. Recent works of his include publishing The T&T Clark Handbook to Social Identity in the New Testament. His current role at Moody Theological Seminary is the program head for the Master of Divinity, as well as the Professor of New Testament. He is an active member of many groups, including: Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Society of Biblical Literature, Chicago Society of Biblical Research, Institute for Biblical Research, and Evangelical Theological Society.

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