Galatians Redux: Reading Galatians as Paul Intended is a LIVE ONLINE Term 4 2023 FULL COURSE held virtually on Zoom on Six Mondays: Apr 10, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22 from 7:00–8:30pm EST. Once you register for this course, log into your MSI account, choose this course in 'My Courses', and you will find the Zoom link in the Course Contents along with all the course materials as they are shared.

This course will present Paul’s letter to the Gentile Messiah followers in Roman Galatia within its ancient first-century Jewish context. When the letter is read within its Jewish historical context, we come the closest we can to hearing Paul’s original message, a message that desperately needs to be lived both inside and outside of the community of Messiah followers (ekklesia) today. Galatians is a remarkable letter. In it we find Paul emotionally raw—upended by the betrayal of his congregations and riddled with anxiety because of their spiritual vulnerability. Paul wrote Galatians at a crucial time in the life of this early ekklesia. The letter carries the intensity of the moment. In the course, we will learn exactly why Paul wrote Galatians. We will study the letter’s words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and sections to understand the message of the letter. We will discover new insights about the challenges the early Gentile Yeshua followers faced and Paul’s answer to those challenges. In doing so, Paul’s most basic beliefs about the meaning, significance, and lived implications of the good news (gospel) will be revealed. The final task is to translate the message from Paul’s first-century Jewish context into our own contemporary one.


This MSI LIVE ONLINE course meets LIVE via Zoom on six Mondays Apr 10, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22 but the LIVE ONLINE sessions for this course will be recorded and available to revisit whenever you desire. The videos will be uploaded as soon as possible after the LIVE ONLINE sessions in the Course Contents. We encourage you to follow the schedule closely and plan ahead to be with us for these LIVE courses so you can get the most out of lifelong learning with MSI. While not ideal, you may also register for this course if you cannot attend the live sessions and engage the videos at your own pace.


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Dr. Joel Willitts

Dr. Willitts has been a professor in Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University (Chicago, IL) since 2006. In addition, he has taught as an adjunct at Judson College (Elgin, IL), Wheaton College, Northern Seminary (Lombard, IL), and The Kings University (Dallas, TX) in their Messianic Jewish Studies Program. He is the author of Matthew's Messianic Shepherd-King: In Search of 'The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel' and The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls, and has co-edited several works including Introduction to Messianic Judaism with David J. Rudolph. In all of his research and writings, Dr. Willitts approaches the New Covenant Scriptures as Jewish literature of the Second Temple Period showing the continuity between the two Testaments of Messianic Scripture. In addition to several chapter and article length studies, Dr. Willitts is currently working on three major projects: a monograph on the Epistle to the Galatians, a book length study of the story of the Bible as David’s story, and a book length introduction to the Jewish Context of the New Testament for students.

Ph.D., Cambridge University, New Testament, 2007; M.Phil., Cambridge University, New Testament, 2002; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, Old and New Testaments, 2001; B.S., Liberty University, Ministry, 1993.

Hearing Galatians Afresh in Its First-Century Context, God’s Kingship on Earth: The Story of Israel’s Davidic King from Genesis to Revelation

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