Five Great Jewish Thinkers



04/18, 04/25, 05/02, 5/09, 05/16, 05/23

Five Great Jewish Thinkers
is a LIVE ONLINE Term 4 course on Mondays from 8:30–9:45pm EST held virtually on Zoom starting on 04/18/2022. Once you register for this course, log into your MSI account, choose this course in 'My Courses', and you will find the Zoom link in the Course Contents along with all the course materials as they are shared.

Course Description:
Late Antiquities covers a 460-year period from 70–630 CE which began with the destruction of the Second Temple and continued until the rise of Islam. During this period Rabbinic Judaism emerged, and sectarianism waned (e.g., Priests, Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes). Prominent Jewish figures arose whose attributions appear in the Rabbinic Writings to be unpacked in this course. We will examine five of those figures – all who contributed to the preservation of a New Judaism alongside Yeshua believing Jews.

Class One: Introduction to Late Antiquities and the two surviving movements: Rabbinic & Messianic
Class Two: Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, “founder” of Rabbinic Judaism and his enduring legends
Class Three: Rabban Gamliel II, patriarch and grandson of Gamliel of the New Testament and his influence
Class Four: Eliezer ben Hyrkanus, prominent rabbi who was banned, perhaps because of his relationship to a disciple of Yeshua
Class Five: Rabbi Akivah, who reputedly dubbed bar Kokhba as Messiah
Class Six: Judah haNassi: The final editor of the Mishnah, which answered the question for the bulk of Jewry: How must we now live without a Temple for sacrifices.


This MSI LIVE ONLINE course meets LIVE via Zoom on six Mondays 04/18, 04/25, 05/02, 5/09, 05/16, 05/23 but the LIVE ONLINE sessions for this course will be recorded and available to revisit whenever you desire. The videos will be uploaded as soon as possible after the LIVE ONLINE sessions in the Course Contents. We encourage you to follow the schedule closely and plan ahead to be with us for these LIVE courses so you can get the most out of lifelong learning with MSI. While not ideal, you may also register for this course if you cannot attend the live sessions and engage the videos at your own pace.



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04/18, 04/25, 05/02, 5/09, 05/16, 05/23

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Elliot Klayman
Elliot Klayman

Elliot holds an M.A., The Ohio State University (2006), with a major in Jewish History and minors in Ancient History and Jewish Law, having completed all coursework for his Ph.D. He is currently a student at the Jewish Theological Institute (JTS) where he is immersed in studies in Late Jewish Antiquities in pursuit of a Doctor of Hebrew Letters (DHL) degree.

Elliot is Emeritus Professor of Legal Studies at The Ohio State University. Elliot has taught in various other venues including Rabbinic Literature three semesters at the Israel College of the Bible in Jerusalem and Netanya; and Medieval Sephardic Judaism at the Haifa Theological Institute. He is the Jewish History Instructor at the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) and teaches regularly at the Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego. After a decade hiatus he returned to teach at MSI last year.

Elliot was the Congregational Leader of Beth Messiah Congregation (1977–1981); a past President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) (1986–90); Editor in Chief of Kesher, a Messianic Theological Journal (2014–2017); and currently is the Executive Director of Messianic Literature Outreach (MLO) where he edits its quarterly magazine.

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