1 Peter: New Birth, Unjust Suffering, Astounding Hope



02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21

Book of 1 Peter: New Birth, Unjust Suffering, Astounding Hope is a LIVE ONLINE Term 3 course on Mondays from 7:00–8:15pm EST held virtually on Zoom starting on 02/14/2022. Once you register for this course, log into your MSI account, choose this course in 'My Courses', and you will find the Zoom link in the Course Contents along with all the course materials as they are shared.

Course Description:
How do we live in times of suffering and difficulty? How did Yeshua and the apostles respond when facing injustice and hostility? Peter, one of Yeshua's closest disciples, spoke forcefully to these challenges. This class is an in-depth look at 1 Peter, its theology, and its counsel regarding how to respond to unjust suffering in light of the living hope that we have in the Messiah. We will be highlighting five key texts that will help us to answer the question: How shall we then live?

This MSI LIVE ONLINE course meets LIVE via Zoom on six Mondays 02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21 but the LIVE ONLINE sessions for this course will be recorded and available to revisit whenever you desire. The videos will be uploaded as soon as possible after the LIVE ONLINE sessions in the Course Contents. We encourage you to follow the schedule closely and plan ahead to be with us for these LIVE courses so you can get the most out of lifelong learning with MSI. While not ideal, you may also register for this course if you cannot attend the live sessions and engage the videos at your own pace.



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Course Dates:
02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21

Your Instructor

Doug Hartman
Doug Hartman

Doug’s primary interests include Biblical and other Semitic languages, ancient Near-Eastern history and culture, and archaeology. He is also passionate about the Biblical perspective on issues of justice, reconciliation, and poverty & wealth, especially as they affect the most vulnerable in society and in our world. In his current graduate studies he intends to explore the influences of Deuteronomy, Isaiah, and the Psalms on Jewish Messianic expectations and the related notions of divine justice, restoration, and renewal in 2nd Temple period Judaism. He also has a keen interest in the historiographic characteristics of Jewish writings of the Roman period, including what can be discerned from Jewish onomastic conventions, and in Jewish and Hellenistic expectations of historical narratives in the Biblical era. Doug was the Founder of Urban Connections in Columbus, OH in 1999 and served as its Director from 1999–2018.

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