Hebrew 2


Feb 11, 18, 25 & Mar 4, 11, 18

Hebrew 2 is an ONGROUND ONLY Term 3 Session I (7:00–8:15pm) course held at the Messianic Studies Institute (4950 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230) starting on 02/11/2019.

Course Description:

Hebrew Course Series Overview
The entire beginning Biblical Hebrew series (Hebrew 1–6) covers six terms. Students who complete all six courses have the option to take Intermediate Hebrew.

All of the Biblical Hebrew language courses require the same textbook (see below). This textbook utilizes an inductive approach to learning the language, meaning that the only source of grammar and examples is the Tanakh itself (i.e., Torah, Prophets, & Writings). The approach is iterative with each lesson building on the previous ones and including regular review.

In preparation for each class, students are expected to read the assigned lessons from the textbook each week as well as watch recorded lectures about the material utilizing a workbook that will be provided. The lectures will be posted online for student access. Those students who do not have internet access will be afforded accommodations. Class time will be spent on exercises and drills designed to reinforce the concepts covered and answer students’ questions. There is NO written homework to be submitted for these courses.

Hebrew 2

This course will build on the foundation of Hebrew 1 as we continue to learn Hebrew grammar. We will focus on rules for recognizing verb roots when there are missing letters, and be introduced to adjectives and direct objects. We will also continue to build Hebrew vocabulary focusing on the most frequently used words in the Hebrew Scriptures. This course covers Lessons 11–17 in our textbook as well as an overview of the structure of Hebrew verbs.


Hebrew 1

Required Textbook:

Bonnie Pedrotti Kittel, Victoria Hoffer, & Rebecca Abts Wright, Biblical Hebrew Text and Workbook, Second Edition, Fully Revised by Victoria Hoffer (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004). ISBN: 9780300098624

Course Dates:

Feb 11, 18, 25 & Mar 4, 11, 18

2018–2019 MSI Course Brochure

Your Instructor

Marcy Kotting
Marcy Kotting

Marcy has had a lifelong passion for Jewish worship and liturgy, and the Hebrew language that supports them, having been raised in Judaism. She has taught Hebrew for MSI since its inception, and has previously taught Hebrew for MJTI. She is MSI's main instructor on the Jewish Holidays. Marcy is a past Managing Editor of Kesher: A Journal of Messianic Judaism, and a former Treasurer of the Association of Messianic Believers. She also serves Chevra, a Messianic Jewish humanitarian aid organization. Marcy is the Liturgist for Beth Messiah Congregation, where she also trains Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.

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